Countdown to Ascot!

Well Ladies, it’s here!! I’ve been so busy these last few weeks as we have a whopping 59 fascinators and hats at Ascot this year and that number is still rising thanks to you ‘leave it till the last minute’ ladies 😃

With just one week away, here are my top 5 tips for ensuring you have a simply fabulous time…


Tip 1

Is your headpiece stable? The last thing you need is a fascinator that’s falling down all day! Super annoying and a major distraction so make sure it fits properly! Your milliner will be able to advise you on wearing your fascinator correctly and you can always hold your fascinator in place with some hair clips!



suntan_shutterstock_51896383Tip 2

Sun cream! Last year it was absolutely boiling at Ascot and this year is looking like it’s going to be a scorcher again! Take a small sunscreen in your hand bag just in case as you’ll be having so much fun you’ll totally forget your exposed to the elements!!



UnknownTip 3

PACE YOURSELF! We all know how much boozing goes on at the races but try and pace yourself, falling over in front of hundreds of people is not fun and I say this as I have personal experience! Drink lots of water.. Stay hydrated!



iStock_000025647308SmallTip 4

Comfortable shoes are an absolute must! You will be on your feet all day so make sure your feet are comfy or you’ll be uncomfortable all day! If your feet hurt then that’s that! You won’t think of anything other than your feet!!



1405414828-ladies-day-hat-competition-at-royal-ascot_5051204Tip 5

Have fun!! It’s the most incredible event and I’m almost positive you’ll have a wonderful time! Wear your fascinators with pride girls and take lots of pictures!!



I will be posting all of our fabulous ladies over the next few weeks with my Ascot Wall of Fame!!!

Go and enjoy yourselves ladies…

Countdown to Ascot! was originally published on Carrie Jenkinson Millinery