Stage 3

Right.. Here’s where it gets fun!!

You should now have a stiff piece of sinamay matching your block


Now, if you have an idea of the design your going for then move onto chalking out your shape.

if your not sure, use paper to trace out an idea.. This then gives you the opportunity to try out your design before cutting your sinamay

Chalk out your design..


Cut carefully, don’t loose the shape of the sinamay


Now to the hard part!! Well for me anyway, hopefully you’ve chosen a simple design to start..

We need to sew in the millinery wire around the edges..

Wooden pegs are fantastic at holding the wire in place whilst you sew it on..


You will then need to see on the bias over the wire..

Make sure your stitching is excellent and very little stitches can be seen..

You can again use the wooden pegs to hold the bias in place


Now it’s going to take us all an hour or 2 to finish this section so good luck and I’ll see you back here a little later…


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