Stage 2

You will need for this stage..

Tea towel
Millinery spray
Millinery wire
Pliers & wire clippers
Wooden pegs
Cotton (to match your sinamay)
1-2 metres of bias (to match your sinamay)

Take your blocked sinamay out of the oven.. It should be dry if it’s not.. Wait until it is before progressing with the next steps!

Your sinamay should be really dry and their shouldn’t be any bubbles


Remove the pins and turn on your iron.

We need to wet the sinamay a little, just to iron out Any bubbles that may have formed.

I like to use a little water with a small amount of millinery solution mixed together in an old spray bottle

Spray.. Cover with a clean tea towel and iron over until no bubbles are left..




Cut the access sinamay off around the edges.. Make sure all the sinamay is stuck together before trying to remove.

If it hasn’t stuck, continue to iron and then allow to dry again.


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