Millinery Masterclass..

I’ve had quite a few requests for teaching millinery over the past few months so I thought I would try one out today and see how we get on!!

We’ll be going through step by step so that you can follow alongside us and then perhaps try it out yourself..

I also thought it might be fun to show our customers how we make their fabulous fascinators and hats!!

Here are some of the things we’ll be working with today


Things you’ll need

To start
Cling film
1 metre of Sinamay
Millinery pins
Millinery stiffening liquid
Millinery stiffener spray
Heated oven
Apron – it’s gonna get messy!

A hat block – Any size block will do, remember were just practising so the idea of today is to show you how to block sinamay!! If you don’t have a block, try using a wooden salad bowl.

We’ll be going through this step by step to simplify each stage so that your not overwhelmed.

Here we go..

Pre heat your oven or Kiln (if your lucky enough to have one)

And wrap your block in cling film – it’s important to take care of your blocks! They cost lots of money and it’s also important to add cling film so that the sinamay lifts off at the end..


I’m using a large 45cm saucer base..

Cut your sinamay into four individual pieces

You’ll need 3 pieces for this block and set the other to one side ready for a smaller base later on…


Mix your millinery stiffener 1 part stiffener 4 parts water in a small bowl..

Get your apron on!!


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