Stage one…

So you should be sitting in your apron with your bowl and sinamay at the ready? Get you millinery pins ready..

Dip the sinamay into the water + solution mix, make sure it’s completely covered.. Let some drip off in the sink.

The sinamay is now very pliable.. You need to stretch it as much as you can over the base and as you do so hold in place with your millinery clips

You must repeat this step with all 3 layers of sinamay making sure they are all completely flat against each-other



Make sure you pull all of the sinamay over the block as tight as you can and in all the way around..



Turn the oven off – we only need it warm to dry the sinamay.. If you leave it on it will melt your pins 😫 we definitely don’t want that to happen..

Place in oven to dry…


Let’s let that dry for 30 minutes.. Go make yourself a nice cup of tea!!

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