Long Live the Fascinator!!!

I don’t know about you but when I read in the weekends newspapers that ‘fascinators are dead’ I nearly choked on my morning cereal !…

Dead my ass!

If the fascinator is dead then why are world famous milliners openly embracing fascinators in their 2013 Spring/Summer catwalk shows?

I didn’t see a single ‘hat’ in any of Philip Treacy’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection and if the fascinator so dead why is the amazing and talented Stephen Jones designing a new fascinator collection for Debenhams??

Fascinators are so versatile that you can buy any colour or any style you choose! With so many fantastic fascinator designers out there that you can buy just about anything!

Hats in my opinion are a massive bore, too hot and oversized for the young and frivolous! When I think off hats I think if old ladies and church goers… NO! The fascinator is long from being dead.. Its just the beginning!

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