Royal Ascot Fascinators


Last year Royal Ascot banned Fascinators from the Royal enclosure which left lots of ladies confused about what they were and were not aloud to wear!!

The truth is, that you can wear a fascinator at Royal Ascot as long as the base is larger than 4″

This marvellous hat fascinator is perfect for Ascot, light and mounted onto a headband it has the feel of a fascinator with the look of a hat!

Available in every colour combination or to just use as a base to your own design??

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Amazing Photo by Roger Charles Photography
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Just Fascinating’s Invite to The Animal Ball at Clarence House

Well… What can I say… When I received this email, I really wasn’t sure they had sent it to the right person but after several phone calls and some kind reassurance from the lovely Lucy Frank I realised that I had, in fact, been approached to take part in designing some of the masks for this wonderful event organised by The Elephant Family in London.

This year, They are throwing a magnificent masked Animal Ball in aid of their 10th anniversary!

The evening will begin at 7pm on the lawns of Clarence House, in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.  The party will then migrate next door, to Lancaster House, where 24 magnificent rooms designed by the inimitable Michael Howells await the guests.

The guest list will be an eclectic collision of the social, artistic, fashion, film, political and literary world – 600 people out to have the best night of 2013.  All guests will wear animal masks, created by the world’s leading fashion houses – butterflies, peacocks,  birds of paradise, rhinos, pandas, big cats, small cats, monkeys, chimps and of course elephants.

The masks are currently being designed by an array of top artists, fashion houses and jewellers. Other designers on board include, DVF, Mario Testino, Cartier, Fabergé, Missoni and more recently Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin , and we are fortunate enough to have Christian Lacroix, Marc Quinn, and Goldie Hawn on our committee. A wonderful collaboration of creative minds so far.

Benefits to designers include,

.             Extensive high-end media coverage and PR opportunities -currently engaged in talks with Vogue for a media exclusive on the masks
.             VIP guests wearing and being photographed in the masks on the evening itself
.             Concessionary rates on ball tickets
.             A preview exhibition of the masks at Sotheby’s in May

.             An exclusive exhibition of all the masks together and an opportunity to meet all other designers involved

The Animal Ball_Mask Invitation_

Needless to say.. I am extremely nervous about this!  I’m currently working on some designs so as soon as I have something I will post up the photo’s for your feedback… Wish me luck!!!

Fascinators & Hats for Royal Ascot

Now, I know what your all thinking… As soon as I’ve sorted my outfit I’ll get my fascinator or hat!!

The next month and a half will be the busiest for all milliners, hat suppliers, millinery stores across the country meaning a longer wait for us all.

Please, please give plenty of time when ordering fascinators and hats, materials sell out and it can make it difficult to make exactly what your looking for so get your orders in as quickly as possible…

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J.F. Fascinators at Bath in Fashion

We were absolutely thrilled to collaborate with ‘Grace & Ted’ at this years Bath in Fashion Catwalk Show.  Their clothing is simply stunning and we were honoured to be their accessory of choice for their fabulous outfits.

As you can imagine, I was extremely nervous about seeing my designs on a catwalk for the first time but I think you’ll agree I had no need to be!  The models were stunning and the show was beautifully out together.

Here are some of the fantastic photo’s of the Show.

For more information about Bath in Fashion Visit

To View the Collection from Grace & Ted Visit

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The Bath in Fashion Week Starts Today…

Bath in Fashion is one of the most talked-about fashion gatherings outside of London. 2013 will be no exception! To celebrate the city’s fashionable legacy as a place to be seen, Bath in Fashion 2013 (13th – 21st April) takes … Continue reading

Bespoke Fascinators now Available at The Bath Frock Exchange


A selection of our fascinators are now available to view and try on at The Bath Frock Exchange, James Square.

The Bath Frock Exchange is a boutique shop selling pre owned luxury items such as designer handbags, clothes etc so why not get your outfit whilst your there?

You can place your orders directly through the shop or online.

Don’t forget that we offer a full bespoke and colour match service so we can match most of our fascinators to any colour outfit.

For further details about The Bath Frock Exchange visit their website
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You can view our full collection on our website

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A Fascinators fit for Kate Middleton

If you keep up with our blog then you’ll know that a couple of weeks ago we send our gorgeous ‘Danielle Fascinator to The Duchess of Cambridge to see if she would like to wear it??

Weather or not she will wear it is still unknown but we received this wonderful letter from her telling us how much she liked the fascinator so you never know.. Only time will tell…

Kate Middleton Letter


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