Ascot Bepsoke Headwear!!!

Well I can honestly say I have NEVER been as busy as I am this week.. so stressful!

I’ve had nearly 30 orders for bespoke fascinators for Ascot this week and to say I am a bit nervous is an understatement.  I was not prepared at all for all these orders so the worst thing has been trying to get all the feathers and materials, which, I know discover is quite hard at this time of year so I have spent most of the week ‘chasing feathers’!!

I am, on the other hand, thrilled that some of my best designs will be on Display at Ascot this year and over whelmed with the positive response I am getting from all my clients.

Its been hard work getting this business up and running and the beginning of the year I considered throwing the towel in after endless sleepless nights but I am so glad I didn’t!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me in getting Just Fascinating up and running… here’s to a SUPER busy year!


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